Restoration Services - See below for examples of previous projects

1. Ageing, wrong colour, non-standard parts

2. Stripping car to assess extent of work

We take pride in restoring our vehicles. We have a wealth of experience across a broad range of eras and marques and some of the best specialists in Scotland as part of the team.

We know how much you love your car. Finding a custodian of any restoration is difficult and finding one you can trust is even harder.

At Investor Classics, communication and quality are the most important elements. We want you to be overwhelmed by the paint finish and we want to see the smile on your face as you experience your freshly restored mechanicals for the first time.

We know that your car is very important to you. Detailed daily updates on progress and a photographic record are all part of the experience. You will not be left wondering what is happening and at what stage your vehicle is at. As we only specialise in classics, you can be sure you aren't just another family hatchback in the queue.

Paint is a really important factor in any restoration. The finish must be like a mirror and free from the common 'orange peel' or chemical reaction effects seen through cheap materials and inexperience. Every single panel will be stripped, repaired if necessary, treated and flatted to ensure optimal finish. We will then apply only the best paints and lacquers with the highest grade mixing process and inspect every part as if it were the OEM factory.

With us it's not just a restoration. It's a pleasurable and rewarding experience for you, and us.

3. Rusted panels and chassis revealed

5. Paint process using finest materials

7. Interior trim restoration

4. Chassis fully restored

6. Full mechanical rebuild

8. Car now with correct factory parts and specification. Colour matches chassis VIN plate as it left the factory – Completed restoration.

Previous Restorations

Mercedes 230 SL

This fabulous 1963 Mercedes 230 SL came to us as a fairly well presented classic, however age was taking its toll with a previous restoration. It was evident that poor repairs had been undertaken causing rust and defects to surface,

The bonnet was ill-fitting and de-laminated due to a deformed front panel section, and arches were corroded through.

The front section was re-shaped, the bonnet was rectified, the arches were cut out and hand-fabricated before the car was treated to a full respray. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

This gorgeous Alfa underwent a full bare metal restoration and tasteful upgrade to GTA evocation. A full engine, transmission, suspension and interior rebuild was undertaken. The earliest UK example in existence, this car represents a true piece of history and still belongs to Investor Classics! She's a keeper.

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

This Talbot Sunbeam Lotus started as a very tired road car, albeit with matching numbers and a lot of potential. After stripping the vehicle and dipping the shell, extensive bodywork repair was undertaken and a Custom Cages MSA roll cage welded into place.

The car is now in final assembly and will compete in MSA hillclimbs in the UK,

Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Perhaps the longest and most extensive restoration yet undertaken by Investor Classics, this project has taken a staggering 8 months, with all corrosion removed, In the 90's someone had resprayed this car a two-tone flip colour scheme, fitted big rims and other 'go faster' parts - this had to be rectified! The floor and structural members had to be replaced as it is effectively a 20 year old Ford and rust has got to be expected. What we are left with now is a car that has been returned back to how it left the factory - standard in every way with a meticulous eye for detail. A beautiful, beautiful restoration.

Mercedes 500 SL

This 500sl came to us from the partner of the previous owner, with the brief to restore the car to its former glory. The car was rotten on every panel, there was a hole in the floorpan and the interior had mould rot. However, the chassis and bulkheads were solid.

During the process of taking the car back to metal, we discovered that the car had been resprayed at some point in dark navy, which had to be put right. A decision was made to return the car back to the original diamond light blue metallic.

The interior was completely removed and underwent our specialist process of sanding and leather painting in order to achieve an as-new finish to the seats.

Swaymar Capri 3.2 - One of two ever produced for Ford

This unique car was commissioned from Swaymar by Curries Ford in 1985. It was one of 2 commissioned, it's sister car being aturbo but that was stolen and burnt out in the 1990s leaving this as the last one in existence. We completed a full body restoration and mechanical recommission, solving a major overheating issue created by insufficient cooling parts. The engine is an awesome piece of work with 3 port heads, steel internals and stroked to 3.2 litres, creating serious torque and 260bhp.

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