About Graham Turnbull and Investor Classics, classic car sales and restoration

I love motoring, particularly classic cars that were built between the 60s and the 90s, an era where cars were homologated for racing and the road going versions were lairy, lightweight and fun.

Classic cars to me are not the older Bentley Boys cars - they are the cars I lusted over on posters and the TV. The fire breathing Group B rally cars. Cossies, and turbocharged four wheel drive specials. The beautiful lines of aluminium hand crafted bodies.Think pre-cat and the smell of unburnt fuel. The sound of huge turbos or carbs. Peugeot winning the Pikes Peak, Lancia winning Group A, Senna winning F1. Thundercats were on the telly and excess was everywhere.

Most of all, excess was in the classic cars of the era - the wings, the box arches and the power! No electronic aids and lightweight nimble chassis. This is what I love and this is what Investor Classics is all about.


​I started Investor Classics as a culmination of a lifetime of passion for classic and sports cars. From the boy who had the posters of the white Ferrari Testarossa and red Porsche 959 on his bedroom wall to the spotty youth who watched Mansell, Senna, Mouton and McRae racing the fastest machines on Earth, I have always had a love affair with the fast and the powerful.

I'm never far away from classic cars and can generally be found at UK motoring events, particularly GT Scotland and Tartan Tarmac. I also sit on the committee of the annual Run to the Glens classic and sports car rally.

I'm a geeky car enthusiast, but also a proper old fashioned engineer. I take personal pride in all the vehicles that I restore and sell at Investor Classics. I hold only a small number of classic cars for sale in stock and as such I can source and select amongst the very best examples of each kind available.

​Many of Investor Classics’ cars undergo a thorough restoration prior to sale, as can be seen on the details pages of some of the vehicles.

If you are looking to buy, restore or sell a classic car in Edinburgh, Scotland, or the rest of the UK, I'd love to meet you and to help you realise your dream.


​Investor Classics is a classic car sales and restoration business based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Classic cars for sale, Edinburgh Scotland

Graham Turnbull