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Mercedes 190sl for sale, Edinburgh Scotland

Mercedes 190sl
Mercedes 190sl
Mercedes 190sl
Mercedes 190sl
1960 Mercedes 190sl
Price: SOLD

Exterior: Hellblau DB334
Interior: Dark grey 955 
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 2,700 miles

Engine: 1897cc

Layout: LHD

Drivetrain: RWD

Power: 104+ bhp


This car is currently awaiting a full restoration and will be offered as either a de-bumpered cafe style racer with 'knock-on' wheels, or as the original chrome bumpered elegant tourer style. Buyers can choose to purchase the car as it currently stands, or commission us to complete the whole job.

Imported from Maine, USA, all UK taxes are paid and a NOVA clearance certificate is held by us.


It offers a fantastic opportunity for collectors and investors to obtain an exceptional example of 50s/60s Mercedes-Benz history, oozing period glamour and style.


The car has been dry stored for 44 years and was last used in 1972.


The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (W121) is a two-door super luxury roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz between May 1955 and February 1963. Internally referred to as W121 (BII or B2), it was first shown in prototype at the 1954 New York Auto Show, and was available with an optional removable hardtop.

The 190 SL presented an attractive alternative to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, sharing its styling, engineering, detailing, and fully independent suspension. While both cars had double wishbones in front and swing axles at the rear, the 190 SL was built on a shortened monocoque R121 platform modified from the W121 small saloon.

The 190 SL was powered by a slightly oversquare 105 PS (77 kW; 104 hp) Type M121 BII 1.9 L straight-four SOHC engine. Based on the 300 SL's straight six, it had an unchanged 85 mm bore and 4.3 mm reduced 83.6 mm stroke, was fitted with twin-choke dual Solex carburetors, and produced 120 gross hp.

The car was available either as a soft-top convertible or with removable hardtop.


During its first years the 190 SL was available as a sports-racing model with small perspex windscreen and spartan one-piece leather covered bucket seats and aluminum doors. In 1959, the hardtop's rear window was enlarged.

Both the 190 SL and the 300 SL were replaced by the Mercedes-Benz 230SL in 1963

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