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Investor Classics is a classic car restoration business based near Edinburgh, Scotland. We also offer all aspects of classic car servicing and repair, classic car pre-sales inspection, and classic car brokering services.


We simply love classic cars, and we understand that your classic car is your pride and joy. We are extremely passionate about older vehicles and have the skills and experience needed to properly fix or restore your vehicle in all its glory.


Many of these skills have now been lost to time in garages that cater for modern vehicles. Here at Investor Classics, all we do is classic cars. We are qualified engineers who have perfected the techniques needed to undertake even the most complicated of mechanical repairs to vehicles that were built long ago.


We offer every aspect of restoration and repair from bodywork and engine rebuilds to even hand-stitched repairs or retrims of leather interior.

We also offer a Classic Car inspection service should you be thinking of buying a classic car. We will provide you with a written assessment, estimate for repairs, and a market valuation.

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