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Mercedes 500sl Restoration with Colourlock

We go to great lengths to restore classic cars to their former glory. None more so

than with this fine Mercedes 500 SL, which needed a complete cosmetic overhaul.

One of the challenges was in repairing the leather interior, which had become

damaged through years of neglect. Fortunately, it was not so far gone that it needed

replacing – it just required the right treatment to bring it back to life. We are always

looking to improve our restoration process and aim to get the best advice and


So, we asked the specialists at Colourlock, who we had previously met at a classic

car show, for help. They prescribed a six-step process which was easy to follow.

First we cleaned the seats with Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner and then treated

them with Colourlock Leather Cleaning Spirit to ensure the colour stuck to the

surface. Next we sanded the leather and then sprayed it with a layer of primer before

applying the colour that the Colourlock experts had mixed for us. Step five was

sealing the colour with two layers of top coat. Finally, we added Colourlock Leather

Protector to keep the leather soft and supple.

The results were remarkable and fully complemented the rest of the cosmetic

restoration that we achieved on this car. Thanks to the support from the guys at

Colourlock, we feel we’ve added another string to our bow in classic car restoration.

This company offers a range of DIY products for cleaning, colouring, repairing and

caring for car leather. For more information go to

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